Utiliser les machines Enagic® pour enrichir les commerces de Restaurants et Hôtels

Découvrez comment les entrepreneurs de tout le pays utilisent les Fontaines Kangen de Enagic® pour enrichir leurs entreprises – en servant de l’eau hydrogénée potable saine à leurs clients, en désinfectant toutes les surfaces avec l’Eau acide forte et en cuisinant avec l’eau Kangen, et plus !

Vos avantages !

Your BenefitsEnagic®’s patented water filtration and ionization processes offer tremendous benefits for businesses of any size and type, across a multitude of industries. Restaurants, manufacturers, daycare facilities, schools, offices, and other private and public enterprises all depend on high-quality water for a variety of purposes.

With Enagic®’s commercial leasing option, getting the pure and effective water you need is easier now than ever before.

The game-changing benefits provided by the five different types of water produced by our commercial machines can be categorized into three distinct advantages for your business:

Food Preparation

Food Preparation

Use Strong Kangen Water to effectively clean your produce and ingredients for maximum flavor and sanitization. Bring out the true flavors of your food and minimize harsh tastes with Kangen Water®. Maintain taste and freshness while freezing foods with Acidic Water.

Strong Kangen Water is perfect for removing tough stains – like coffee, soy sauce, oil, etc. – and keeping your dishcloths, tablecloths, clothes, napkins, and other accessories free of stubborn blemishes that ruin aesthetics and cost a fortune each year to clean.



Keep cleaning surfaces free from germs, dirt, and grime with Strong Kangen Water. Soak tough-to-clean objects in Acidic Water to remove tough stains, and do the same for dishes to make them sparkling clean. Finish up with Strong Acidic Water to cleanse surfaces.

Strong Kangen Water can also be used to help you wash dishes more effectively and efficiently. When you use Strong Kangen Water, you can use up to 25% less detergent – which saves you money every year. Washing in Acidic Water also helps your dishes come out sparkling clean, every time.



Protect yourself and your customers from contaminants by sanitizing with Strong Acidic Water. Use this water to sanitize knives, cutting boards, dish towels, kitchen clothes, utensils, and kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Commercial operations ranging from daycare centers to hair salons, beauty salons, nursing homes, and virtually any public facility all benefit from Strong Acidic Water.

Enagic® – Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

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